Dog Care Provider Certificate Program

Providing professional care for pet dogs is a worthy occupation and a big responsibility.  By learning more about dogs, you will become competent and feel confident that you can fulfil the needs of the dogs in your care.  Whether that is in a daycare or boarding setting, in a rescue organization or working in an animal shelter, vet clinic, grooming salon, dog walking or any other arena that provides service to pet dogs, knowledge will help you raise the standard of care that you are able to provide.

Jaime Kinna's Good Dog Academy is ready to help you achieve your goal of helping dogs.  Our instructors have been collectively working in the industry for over 40 years.  You can rely on us to provide the relevant information you will need in an easy to follow set of courses. 

The Dog Care Provider Certificate Program has a total of 13 courses and will take you approximately 60 - 65 hours to complete.  You will have unlimited online access to your program for 12 months.  Most students complete their program in under 6 months.

To earn your Dog Care Provider (DCP) Certificate, complete ALL of the courses listed here. You will have challenges and take quizzes - don’t worry, we are only checking to see that you have read the material and understand it.  Complete the courses in the order they are presented.  Once you successfully complete one course, the next one will unlock. 

The DCP Certificate Program is meant to raise the level of knowledge of those who want to work with pet dogs.  You will enjoy this program and be glad that you chose Jaime Kinna's Good Dog Academy for your education.

For complete program details and school policies, please review our Student Handbook

Our Canine First Aid course is provided by Dogsafe® Canine First Aid.  Once you start this course, you will have two months unlimited access to complete your Canine First Aid Certificate.

Steps to Your Success

  • Make the decision to follow your dream of caring for pet dogs.

  • Review Jaime Kinna's Good Dog Academy admission requirements.

  • Review the Student Handbook.

  • Review the waivers at the bottom of this page.

  • Phone or email the Administrator with any questions.

  • Review the cost of the program. Tuition is $249 + GST/HST

  • Click on the Apply Now button.

  • Select the Dog Care Provider Certificate Program application form from the drop down menu.

  • Fill in and submit your application form. Pay your non-refundable application fee of $25.

  • Once your application is approved, you will receive your welcome email.

Once you register, you will have 12 months to complete all courses and earn your Certificate.

All fees and tuition are payable in Canadian funds only.

You will be challenged, inspired and happy that you are following your dream of helping pet dogs.  The dogs you work with will have a better life because they met YOU!

GDA’s programs are all online so that you can start anytime, anywhere!

Admission Requirements

  • 16 years of age or older to graduate

  • Parent or Guardian permission if under 18 years of age

  • Fluent in English

  • Access to a computer and internet connection

  • You enjoy working with people and dogs

  • Agree to abide by the Humane Training Model, as laid out in the Student Handbook or at the bottom of this page, at all times during your participation in your program and beyond


The Dog Care Provider Certificate Program cost is $249 + GST/HST.  This includes all fees for all courses.  

Dog Care Provider
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Dog Care Provider Certificate Program

Course Descriptions

Introduction and Principles of Training
Why do we train dogs the way we do?  This course touches on popular training methods and poses some interesting questions.  Training principles are a common topic of debate and this module will help you come to your own decisions about dog training methods.  Although you won’t be responsible for training dogs in your care, this course will help you recognize some of the methods that your clients might be using.

Training Equipment
This course has been designed to provide information on the many pieces of training equipment that are available.  Learn how to properly fit the most common and popular pieces of training equipment and some pros and cons of each.

Evolution of the Dog
This course will educate you about the origins of the domestic dog and why there is so much diversification in this species.  This will help you to determine the traits that are going to be most prominent in the various breeds of dogs you work with, depending on how they evolved.

Dog Breeds
This course has been designed to help you familiarize yourself with many of the popular, and some of the less popular, dog breeds and their traits as recognized by popular kennel clubs.

Selecting a Dog
During this course we discuss the many questions and facts that will help you to determine what might be an appropriate fit as a canine companion.

Today’s Canine
The start a dog gets in life plays a big role in the outcome of the adult dog.  As well, the genetic make up of a dog and whether two or more breeds are mixed, will add information about how you will consider your approach to that dog’s overall well being.  The more you know, the better you will be able to understand the needs of a specific dog.

The Physical Dog
This course teaches you about the dog's brain and senses, life cycle, general health and you will become familiar with general conformation terms.  It is surprising how much information is packed into this course!

Canine Language
The world of Canine Language is both complex and fascinating.   In any given dog interaction, a dog may be telling a very detailed story about how they feel or what they want or need.  Understanding what dogs are trying to communicate is crucial to your safety and the safety of others.  This course helps you to better understand how dogs communicate and what it all means.

Dogsafe® Canine First Aid
Dogsafe® Canine First Aid 101 eLearning is designed to teach you the knowledge and skills you need to deal with a sick or injured dog until veterinary care is available. The topics are covered in-depth so that students have a thorough understanding of the principles of canine first aid. After successfully completing this course, and its test, you will receive a Dogsafe® Canine First Aid 101 eLearning Certificate.

Behaviour Problem Solving
Problem Behaviour - what is it?  Problem behaviour is any behaviour that results in unwanted consequences for the owner or the dog.   During this course, we will teach you how to tackle common problem behaviours that you will see and offer a problem solving flow chart of solutions for each.

Fear and Anxiety
During this course we will be discussing the definitions and relationships between fear and anxiety.  Another fascinating and important topic in the world of dogs!

As a well-rounded dog professional, you should have general knowledge about nutrition and dietary options.  This course will provide you with valuable knowledge about canine nutrition and what to look for when making choices about a dog's diet.

Good Dog Academy’s comprehensive Basic Obedience course is included in your program.  This six lesson course will open the door for you to learn about what is possible with the dogs in your care.  It is part of our commitment to raise the standard of education in the dog industry.  

These lessons are the same lessons that we teach in our Professional Dog Trainer Certificate program.  Our professional dog trainer students, however, are expected to train their canine companions to be successful in each exercise, get tested by submitting video recordings, then move on to Intermediate Obedience.  You will not be submitting any recordings nor will you be marked or graded.  Basic Obedience, in the case of your program, is information only.  Please take your time and enjoy this feature with your dog.  Remember that a well behaved dog is welcome in more places and has a better life.

Basic Obedience
Our Basic Obedience course provides information about mental and physical stimulation for dogs and is a wonderful way to improve your relationship with the dogs in your care.  

Obedience brings freedom to a dog’s life.  An obedient and well-adjusted dog is welcome in more places and Basic Obedience allows for a fuller life for them. 

This course lays out many useful foundation exercises to practice with dogs.  We provide you with helpful handouts, easy to follow step by step videos and slides that will help you to succeed at the Basic Obedience level using positive reinforcement techniques.


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