Professional Dog Trainer Certificate - Practical Program

Professional Dog Trainer Certificate - Practical Program


Backed by our founders’ diverse experience and knowledge, you will be learning from the best in the industry to become a Professional Dog Trainer.

To earn your Professional Dog Trainer Certificate, you must complete two programs.   

  1. Professional Dog Trainer Certificate - Theory
  2. Professional Dog Trainer Certificate - Practical

You will be required to complete assignments and quizzes as well as submit videos of your practical work.  

Once you complete both of these programs, you will have earned your Professional Dog Trainer Certificate.

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Time to complete: 12 months*

*Dogsafe™ Canine First Aid 101 eLearning course time to complete is two months

No dog required to complete the First Aid course

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Course Outline

Basic Obedience
Our Basic Obedience course provides information about mental and physical stimulation for your dog and is a wonderful way to improve your relationship with your furry best friend.  Obedience brings freedom to a dog’s life.  An obedient and well-adjusted dog is welcome in more places and Basic Obedience allows for a fuller life for them.

This course provides you with many useful foundation exercises to practice with your dog.  We provide you with helpful handouts, easy to follow step by step videos and slides that help you and your dog to succeed at the Basic Obedience level using positive reinforcement techniques.

Intermediate Obedience
This course fine tunes the skills you have learned in Basic Obedience and it will help you and your canine training partner to excel at a new level of obedience by adding more challenges and skills to increase control around real-life scenarios.  Intermediate Obedience also offers exercises to keep your dog's mind sharp and test your skills.
Enjoy new exercises as shown in our easy to follow videos.  Practice using our helpful handouts and enjoy success at a new level of obedience.

Advanced Obedience Webinar Series
Our Advanced Obedience Webinar Series is offered to our PDT graduates and is included in the price of your program.  This is an opportunity for you to participate in a live class via Skype with a GDA certified instructor.  We will tackle Advanced Obedience exercises live for an hour and then offer a 30 min Q&A opportunity.  This is a time to ask any questions you have in regards to obedience training.  The webinar series consists of six webinars. Pre-requisite: Basic Obedience and Intermediate Obedience