"Taking Good Dog Academy's Professional Dog Trainer Certificate program in 2016 was a life changing experience.  It helped me transition from a career I did not really enjoy to doing something that I truly love.  The course content was excellent and well presented.  The instructors were true professionals who care deeply about their field of expertise.  I really trusted that the advice I received was top notch!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Good Dog Academy to anyone thinking about a career working with dogs." 


"I was someone who wanted to work with dogs for the foreseeable future, but I had no clue what the possibilities were.  I came across Good Dog Academy and I figured I'd take my dog knowledge as far as I could so I took the Professional Dog Trainer Certificate Program.  From the beginning I learned so much and it has exploded from there.  With access to the amazing, extremely knowledgable and talented trainers who run the program, it made my experience incredible.  I ended the program truly loving training dogs and Good Dog Academy really gave me the confidence to pursue changing dogs' lives and owners' lives for the better. I highly recommend any of the courses Good Dog Academy offers if you want to work with dogs for a living and further your knowledge and understanding!'


"Good Dog Academy was an amazing experience where I met lots of awesome new people and was able to grow as a trainer and handler and make new connections to start my career in the wonderful world of dogs! I have been able to take everything I've learned to work better with not only my dog, but help others with training AND strengthening the bond between them and their dog. I can't thank the team at Good Dog Academy enough for everything they taught me and the opportunities they gave me!"


"GDA wasn't just about the schooling or becoming a trainer for me. GDA gave me more confidence in myself & a better relationship with my dog. Vanessa, Jamie & Heather all care about your success in the course & after.
Loved it."


"My experience with Good Dog Academy was everything I had hoped for. I was given a thorough, broad base of knowledge, both theory as well as practical.  Upon graduation, I had the confidence and skills I needed to pursue a career I love. I have always felt that the GDA instructors, and my fellow grads, have been truly interested in seeing me succeed and have shown wonderful ongoing support."


"I chose Good Dog Academy because I believe in their method of dog training.  I did appreciate that we were introduced to various methods of dog training during the course of the program, resulting in me being a very well rounded and informed trainer.  I enjoyed the Instructors immensely.  They were extremely knowledgeable, wonderful speakers and always willing to assist you when needed.  I highly recommend Good Dog Academy to those looking to become Dog Trainers."


"I really enjoyed the time I spent taking the Certified Professional Dog Trainer Course at Good Dog Academy.  The instructors were all very knowledgeable and helpful.  They made an effort to make sure we understood the materials and had enough time for practical exercises.  I walked away from he course with the ability to set up my own small dog training and walking business, and attain a shelter staff position where I get to work with a variety of dogs on a regular basis.  Thanks, Good Dog!"


"If you have a passion for dog training, I encourage you to take this course as the first step in your journey to becoming a knowledgeable and experienced trainer.  Becoming a good dog trainer doesn't happen over night, but you need to start somewhere and Good Dog Academy was a great first step in the right direction for me.  The teachers where experienced and seasoned in the field and helped me through challenges that I never thought possible.  The hands on experiences gave me the confidence I needed as a new dog trainer."


"I am a 2014 Graduate of Good Dog Academy. I had the privilege to be taught by three of the most amazing women.  They were informative, tough and so much fun to work with that I never wanted it to end.  I decided to go back to school at 61 years of age and Good Dog Academy and all that work there welcomed me and helped me gain the knowledge and confidence to start my own business.  I thank them all for helping me finally realize what I wanted to do when I grew up."


"I have been working with dogs as a dog groomer for 17 years, and previous to that as a Veterinary assistant.  I took the full time course at GDA in order to gain a broader perspective of dog behaviour in general.   I was introduced to many different aspects of working with dogs and found every day to be exciting and challenging.     I now teach classes and private lessons myself!  The teachers at GDA are passionate, well-educated, encouraging, warm, and sincere.  I never wanted school to end!   I have recommended GDA to my employees and feel that whether you have been working with dogs for years like myself, or know that you want to work with dogs but are unsure in which capacity, GDA is the perfect place to start."


"I took the GDA full time program in spring 2014 with my dog Mac.  The tools and information I learned during these 2 months were invaluable, both in being a dog owner as well as a professional dog trainer.  This course provided me with the foundation I needed to become confident in my ability to work with dogs of all size and breeds.  The guidance and support you receive after graduation is amazing, as they are always available to answer your questions and provide suggestions to help you gain success in your new career!  I would highly recommend this course to anybody looking to start a new career working with dogs!"


"The variety of topics covered in the program provided a good starting point for me to get into the industry.  The instructors were informative, helpful and made class fun.  I graduated with what I felt like was a good foundation for me to continue to grow my knowledge and education."


“The diverse backgrounds and passion the owner/instructors bring to the GDA program are unmatched.  You are exposed to a variety of training techniques and see the result of these techniques in action with demonstrations from professionals in the field.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in a career in the dog industry.”


GDA was an amazing experience.  I learned so much more than I ever thought and loved every minute of it.   I would take this class again in a heartbeat.  I am also so proud of how far my dog came during that time.  We have continued on his obedience and he is exceeding my expectations everyday.  Thank you all so much for sharing all you know with all of us!”